Consider the following Assertion and Reason type statements: Assertion A: Among the three factors of production, labour is the most abundant factor of pr

modem farming

the most abundant factor of production is Kishora’s fixed capital is the buffalo and wooden-cart which he has purchased with the bank loan. The production of wheat of the third farmer declined from 60 to 00. The production of wheat of the second farmer was constant at 80. They remain out of work for most parts of the year and have to take loans from the moneylender to fulfill their needs. Due to this seasonal unemployment, they remain poor and are unable to repay the loan and fall into a debt trap. Would you agree that the distribution of cultivated land is unequal in Palampur?

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‘Time, money, and patience’: the process of developing a megasite.

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Compare with interest charged by the bank. There is often a loss inform activities, especially when crops are damaged because of floods, pests, etc. The other risk is sudden fall in price of agricultural produce.

Higher yields were possible only from a combination of HYV seeds, irrigation chemical fertilizers, pesticides etc. Moreover, even the existing land is distributed unequally among the people engaged in farming. There are laTge number of small farmers who cultivate small plots of land, and live in conditions not much better than the landless farm labourers.

Which is The Most Abundant Factor of Production in India?

He has no working capital so he is also not able to buy modern machinery, HYV seeds or insecticides and pesticides. Apart from working on his own field he has to work on the field of the rich farmers or work as a casual labourer to survive. In our region, there are two labourers namely Ram Khilawan and Basanti, who are husband and wife working as casual constructing labourers. Due to drought, they had to leave their village in search of employment, They get approximately 50 to 60 rupees per day which they are paid in cash. Answer Kishora is involved in the following production activities.

A)Landb)Capitalc)Labourd)Tools and machinesCorrect answer is option ‘C’. Defined & explained in the simplest way possible. Besides giving the explanation of Which is the most abundant factor of production in India? Has been provided alongside types of Which is the most abundant factor of production in India?

Describe the work of a farmer with 1 hectare of land. They borrow from medium and large farmers or moneylenders. The government should concentrate on providing a loan facility to the small farmers without collateral. Generally, large farmers have sufficient capital for next crop. They don’t have sufficient capital for farming activities. I opine that the distribution of cultivated land is unequal in India.


Also, some money is always required during production to make some payments and buy other necessary items. The continuous use of chemical fertilisers has led to the degradation qf soil health. The farmers are now forced to use more and more chemical fertilisers and other inputs to achieve the same production level. This has increased the cost of production as a result the prices of crops have increased. As chemical fertilisers are harmful for our environment and health government should restrict their use.

To.grow more than one crop on a piece of land during the year is known as multiple cropping. It is the most common way of increasing production on a given piece of land. She doesn’t have the money to buy working capital. Therefore, she borrowed some money from Tejpal Singh, a large farmer. Tejpal Singh gave her a loan at an interest rate of 24 percent for four months. Also, he made her agree to work on his fields as a farm labourer during the harvest season at Rs. 32 a day.


When they face this type of situation the government should give them a helping hand. In conclusion I would like to say that there is much land without irrigation. In some areas a few forest lands are cleared and the waste land is being converted to agriculture land. There is no other way of expansion of land. Digging borewells should be allowed only for drinking water but not irrigation. Thus labour is an essential item in production.

Which factor of production is abundant in India?

So, she decided to borrow money from Tejpal Singh, a large farmer in her village. Tejpal Singh agreed to give the loan of Rs. 3000 at an interest rate of 24 per cent for four months. He also got her to agree to work on his field during the harvest season for Rs. 35 a day.

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While environmental resources like soil fertility and groundwater are built-up over many years. So, once destroyed, it is very difficult to restore them. Manufacturing in Palampur involves very simple production methods and are done on a small-scale. Describe any three features of small-scale manufacturing as a non-farm activity in Palampur.

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Characterization of rumen microbiome and metabolome from oro ….

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The aim of production is to produce the goods and services that we want. Some shopkeepers in Palampur buy various goods from wholesale markets in the cities and sell them in the village. One of the important non-farming activities besides farming in Palampur is _______ . Land area under cultivation is virtually fixed.


Labour-The second requirement is labour. By labour we mean people who will do the work. Some production activities require highly skilled and educated workers to perform tire necessary task. Other activities require workers who can do manual work. Each worker is providing the labour necessary for production. Land-If is the first requLrement for production of goods and services.

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The Promise and Pitfalls of Wave Power.

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A few of the families whose houses are close to the bus stand have used a part of the space to open small shops. The chemical fertilizers provide minerals which dissolve in water and are immediately available to plants. But, these may not be retained in the soil for long. Land is a natural resource whereas capital is man-made factor of production. Yield is measured as crop produced on a given piece of land during a single season. Small farmers are those farmers who have less than 2 hectares of land.

  • If any of the factor is missing, then the cost of production increases, forcing the supplier to charge a higher price to the consumer.
  • They have little courage to challenge the upper caste people.
  • Medium and large farmers produce a large surplus of the crop.
  • Excessive use of groundwater for irrigation and industrial purposes has resulted in a decrease of groundwater levels.

They need money for purchasing seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and to cultivate the land. It will be highly difficult to get a loan again from bank. Since the entire cultivated area of 200 hectares had come under irrigation farmers did not have to depend on ‘rainfall and could grow multiple crops. Modem farming methods need inputs like chemical fertilizers, pesticides, tractors etc. which are manufactured in industry. So, they require the farmer to start with more cash than before.

Some of them bought farra-machinery like tractors and threshers, which made ploughing and harvesting faster. It is required to be arranged according to the desired production. It includes variable factors of production which are needed to be arranged every time at the time of production.

Production requires a variety of raw materials such as the yarn used by the weaver and the clay used by the potter. Also, some money is always required during production to make payments and buy other necessary items. Raw materials and money in hand are called working capital.

The above graph shows the land under cultivation in India in units of million hectares. Farm labourers are generally illiterate and ignorant. They are not organised in unions.