5 Step Proven Process How to Outsource Software Development

The team we have partnered with truly feel as if they are partners that are just as invested into seeing our organization succeed as we are. They have been kind and professional and helped us though every step of the process. Sign an NDA with a vendor to guarantee the confidentiality of your business-sensitive information and intellectual property rights over the project deliverables. Click the icons to see our projects in the particular industry you’re interested in.

outsourcing software development

Since software development outsourcing usually takes place in a remote setup, it’s crucial that your vendor has a technological profile suited to your needs. To this end, we recommend making a list of the resources your project requires. To get competent advice, consider tech consulting services, preferably from several different vendors. Increased productivity, improved product quality, and reduced costs are only a few of the benefits that outsourced software development has to offer. Nevertheless, you won’t successfully outsource IT development without thorough planning, so having a solid outsourcing strategy is a must. With the dedicated team model, throughout the project, the client pays a fixed monthly salary to the hired specialists in addition to administrative costs.


Based on their research, the base rate for an internal employee of $50 per hour will double to up to $100 per hour if you add all the costs. For a consultant, the cost of the same hour for $50 will in the end cost no more than $60. Even if you outsource the whole development job, keep an eye on what’s happening.


Facing challenges during software development outsourcing is inevitable. However, you can avoid or mitigate those challenges by following some best practices. It can be hard to manage expectations when half the team is working while the other half is asleep. Likewise, your internal teams may have a hard time collaborating with offshore developers due to the time differences.

How To Estimate The Cost Of Software Outsourcing

If you’re planning to outsource app development, know there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. It might be challenging.Sometimes it’s better to pick a qualified small team. One way we’re combatting “scope creep” is our new flat-rate unlimited service, a reduced scope development serviced aimed at G Suite users. We can build almost anything in Apps Script and there is no time frame or delivery requirements, we just build everything you need month in month out, and as soon as you want to stop you can. It’s working really well and now there isn’t any expectation of timeframes for features (as long as we’re still delivering value) and each month they pay the same amount. Drafting a tight contract that is free from any legal loopholes helps ensure that you do not miss out on any of the vital issues during application development.

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For over 10 years, a scalable team of 8-29 ScienceSoft’s specialists provides development and support services for a provider of biotechnology, drug discovery and chemical research services. Currently, our team covers such directions as services, support, development and testing. The cloud-based platform helps all the industry players to conjoin their efforts, knowledge and clients, providing faster communication, more accurate data and transparency in their ventures. ScienceSoft’s developers use Go to build robust cloud-native, microservices-based applications that leverage advanced techs — IoT, big data, AI, ML, blockchain.

Senior Developer vs. Lead Developer: Determine Your Team’s Needs

Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Pakistan are also growing markets with the same type of outsourcing services as previous countries. As we mentioned above, the reduction in prices and the fast pace of development is achieved at the expense of lower quality projects. As well as cultural differences, unfavorable working conditions and differences in time zones negatively affect the quality of communication between the dedicated team and the customer. Belitsoft is a well-known software outsourcing company that provides top-notch software development services to businesses of all sizes.

outsourcing software development

You have the opportunity to hire a single developer or a whole dedicated development team for your project. Each of our developers works directly on your project, which gives a deeper dive into the project’s essence. And since you will manage the project, you will be able to use any models and tools to track the readiness of tasks and the project as a whole. It helps startups and large-scale businesses alike to stay competitive in the market while being cost-effective. We can take over all or a part of software development processes in a chosen project or cater for every project within an IT project pipeline. With our outsourcing services, you start using internal resources more efficiently and access world-class technologies without hiring and training new employees.

Why Outsourcing Software Development works for Software Engineering?

ScienceSoft delivers cloud-native, real-time web and mobile apps, web servers, and custom APIs ~1.5–2x faster than other software developers. By outsourcing to IT professionals experienced in your target industry, you gain easy access to their expertise and best practices, ensuring the timely delivery of high-quality software. Full software engineering outsourcing helps out customers that have little or no experience in similar projects or those who are overloaded with other projects in the pipeline. BuildIn the build phase, the output of the “requirements” and “design” phases are transformed into working software by software developers. This could consist of various things such as building front ends, back ends, databases, microservices or many other components.

outsourcing software development